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Sophie’s Invisalign Journey

Sophie has just completed her Invisalign Treatment and we caught up with her to find out more about her Invisalign journey…

Full name: Sophie Morton

Where are you from:South Shields – North East

Age: ​28

What do you do:Commercial Manager at Eurasia

What made you want to get Invisalign? ​I have always had a problem with my teeth, there were not awful by any means but felt as if they ‘stuck out’ at the front. My job role is very face to face – I wanted to feel more confident.

How long were you thinking of getting Invisalign before you booked your consultation? ​About 2-months. I started speaking to my dentist Dr Reay about invisalign as an alternative to ‘standard’ braces, I thought they would be a great alternative as they were less visible with my job role! (I had thought about braces for about 2.5 year before this!)

Did you get a 3D scan? What did you think of it? ​I did, it was a strange sensation but I am pleased to say it was painless and I found the results / scan itself amazing, it’s incredible what technology can achieve! It gave me a really good, REALISTIC, view of what could be possible with invisalign 

What was the treatment like? ​I can’t lie – it was slightly painful on the first fitting, but it eased with time – I guess this can be expected with all treatments! Checkup’s were regular and I found it great seeing my progress on the 3d scan – the results outweighed any discomfort I felt through the process!

Did the staff/team help make the journey easier/more enjoyable? Yes, my dentist Dr Reay was great – he put me at complete ease through the full process and was always available for any queries I had. All of the staff were great to be honest, and there positivity kept me positive when the invisaligns were changed and I felt that initial pain!

Are you pleased with the results? So pleased! the results were everything I expected and more, I feel so much more confident now.

Do you feel more confident because of the treatment? ​As above, so much more confident – my attention is always drawn to a persons teeth when i meet them… so I love that I can feel more confident with my own. 

Anything else you’d like to say? Just that there is no need to be afraid of the treatment or the process, the team are great and will talk you through every step of the process while taking great care of you – the results are incredible!

Thank you to Sophie for taking the time to tell us about her Invisalign experience. We are delighted that she happy with the results and that she feels more confident when she smiles.

If you are interested in exploring Invisalign, please contact us for more information and to arrange an initial consultation, which includes a 3D Digital Scan with our iTero Scanner.

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